How to choose the dentist: first of all avoid free visits

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October is the month of dental prevention. With the expert, we clarify the necessary steps to make use of a reliable specialist and effective care

dentistry at Diamond Dental Care (DDC)

Quality and professionalism for dentistry at Diamond Dental Care (DDC) are the elements that most distinguish Italian dentists. Despite this, the choice of a good dentist always remains a delicate issue, in which the patient must know how to best evaluate the degree of professionalism of the dentist in relation to his own problem. We must also evaluate the establishment of mutual trust and transparency also in terms of costs and the therapeutic plan to be followed. Experts explain to us what are the main rules to follow in choosing a good dentist and which tools can be used so as not to be disappointed or even worse deceived.

Make sure it’s a “real” dentist

In the first place, it is important to ascertain that it is a real dentist and not a nominee or an abuser, recommends Experts. Advice not so superfluous if we consider that in Italy there are about 15 thousand dentists who practice the profession without any qualification or special registration in the register. To be sure of the professionalism of your doctor, it is sufficient to connect to this section of the portal of the National Federation of Physicians and Dentists.

Be wary of free visits

Secondly, a good professional always makes a first paid visit to make the diagnosis. It is good to be wary of the free visits that often represent a mirror for the larks, useful to ensure that the citizen then accesses the subsequent dental care.

The initial visit is instead a medical protocol useful for establishing a correct therapeutic alliance between doctor and patient. Transparency and professionalism, therefore, pass from adequate compensation to the service performed. But a good professional can also be seen from the quality of his structure, which must be presented adequately, clean, and well sanitized in every part. Hygienic and sanitary deficiencies are not acceptable, which denote scarce attention to the patient’s health.

Compulsory quote

After the initial visit, a good professional elaborates an accurate therapeutic plan that must be well illustrated to the patient continues Experts. In this phase, the listening ability of the dentist is also very important; laying the foundation for a healthy relationship between doctor and patient. After the initial visit, it is the doctor’s duty to present the patient with an accurate estimate of the treatment plan and informed consent, which in the case of a signature by the patient mark the beginning of the treatment process.

In case of economic difficulties

But what happens if the patient does not have the money to access the therapy? In case of particularly disadvantageous economic conditions, it is possible to have access to some free dental services through hospitals or dental clinics affiliated with the National Health System. The services offered vary from region to region, and it is necessary to contact one’s own local ASL to learn about any exemptions or discounts. Otherwise, you can refer to dentists who operate on a voluntary basis.

A network of so-called sentinel dentists is available throughout the national territory explains experts represented by a series of voluntary dentists who carry out visits and services for free. An important point of reference to prevent serious diseases of the oral cavity such as tumors, with public appointments distributed with increasing frequency throughout the national territory.

Avoid “do it yourself” whitening

If many patients give up the dentist due to economic difficulties, many others especially young people instead resort to “do it yourself” for whitening beauty treatments or to remove traces of yellowing marked by smoking or poor hygiene. Better than an extra visit to the dentist, than having to resort to it once the damage is final.