Swedish – Ancient to Modern

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In the world, there are different types of massages and it’s taking place till now. Let us discuss some massage types that are more popular in people’s minds. Swedish massages those types, Swedish massage (1인샵 스웨디시 마사지 ) is one of the most popular massages in the world. It is recognized by more countries and common techniques used in Swedish massage. This massage varies from light to vigorous, according to customers selection they massage it. Some will select lite or modern or vigorous, it depends on customer’s minds. This message contains five styles of strokes. Sliding, kneading, friction tapotement, and vibration are the five Breaux style of stokes. This Swedish massage was developed more and the credit goes to Per Henrik Ling, the stokes were names by Dutch practitioner Johann Georg Metzger. First, it was officially recognized by the English government only after that only Dutch speaking countries like Hungary was recognized. This massage was fully based on classic massage. Medical studies found that Swedish massage will reduce chronic pain, joint stiffness, fatigue, etc. It also improves some functions in the human body like osteoarthritis in the knees.

Thai massage this massage was born in Thailand, so it is named Thai massage and its meaning was ancient or traditional. This massage combines the traditional medicine of Indian and Chinese. It involves both physical and mental aspects. This massage focuses full body from toe to head and the progress was very slow because it focuses all energy lines in the body to clear the blockages in all lines. By doing this blog flow will be good and ousts flow normally to all parts of the body. It is similar to yoga, acupressure, etc. Musculoskeletal pain and fatigue were reduced while doing this massage therapy so it is more popular in the world. Thai massage not only reduce the pain, but it also improves muscle flexibility, joint movement, and releases the air blocks in the body. It also reduces the joint pain that happens because of osteoarthritis of the knee. Sports massage    It is different from other types of massage and it is more unique. These massage therapy techniques are used for athletes to improve performance, reduce the injury, and increase the recovery time after injuries. This technique fully depends on blood flow from and to muscles. This sports massage is based on needs, goals, and preferences before and after the physical activities involved.

Sanskrit to English

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Ayurvedic massage The original name for this massage as Abhyangam in Sanskrit. English, they called ayurvedic massage. Abhyangam or Ayurvedic was an important daily regimen because to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The lymphatic system was stimulated by the Ayurvedic massage technique and its practitioners get clear benefits of getting regular massage. It includes many things among that pain relief, the immune system improved, reduced fatigue, and improved longevity are the most important things for the human body. The above passages are only a few percent of massage types, there are a lot of massages in the world. If we search it we can find more and more massage to release our body pain. According to recent research, this massage was very useful for human’s life. Because if we do at least one massage per week, our body automatically turns healthy, energetic, and feels relaxed. We can keep disease away and live a happy life until life ends.