History of Volkswagen and T6.1

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Volkswagen is a transporter, It is based on the Volkswagen group’s successfully move in the sixth generation and is consecutively named T series like T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6. Best selling truck in worldwide history 12 million quantity sold and varieties of vans, mini-busses, minivans, etc. T6.1 release February 2019. It is a commercial vehicle. T6.1 is a new front model and it’s wider than other models, most bigger air intake so it looks like a big space. Electric version also available in this T6.1 that’s why it called e-transporter and built by ABT partners for Volkswagen. The lights’ effects and vw transporter sportline for sale are set by LED daytime front end lights and taillights. It contains more storage place and an extra style appearance. This Volkswagen model only gets the name of the MIB3 infotainment structure.  The touchscreen display size is  8.0-9.2 inches and looks like the mobile phone app. Inside the car safety kits available. Lets brief about Volkswagen transporter based on generation,

Volkswagen T1-Type 2:

vw transporter sportline for sale

It is a commercial vehicle launched by Germany in the year of 1950. The first model called Beetle, a microbus, modern fans, split-screen. A larger compression correlation became stable in 1955 and this engine is cooled. Volkswagen t2 played a major role in the 1960s.

Second generation(T2):

It is introduced in 1967 -1979. Volkswagen models before 1971 called ‘early bay ‘ after its called ‘Late bay’. The second version lost because of larger and heavier than antecedent. Type4 engine is used for automatic transmission in 1972 models and this year changed the headlights relocated and indicators.

Third generation(T3):

It is introduced by the UK and the US in 1979-1992. The cooled engine is used and outside water fresh boxer engine covered. Compared to previous versions it’s a square Corners changed to rounded edges.

Fourth generation(T4):

It is launched from 1990- 2003. T4s changed to passengers car and the best market sale in Europe. In the US Volkswagen changed to Eurovan as a brand name.


T5 launched in 2003-2015. This generation Volkswagen is a commercial vehicle user friendly and lightweight. Except for the US market Germany, UK, Turkey are the best-selling markets. In June 2009 announced one million productions of Volkswagen. The design will be aerodynamic. A Piller and windshield are less. Late 2015 launched  ‘New Sechs’  same previous versions engine used.

Sixth generation(T6):

It launched in 2015 with power-plants non-ad-blue. It offers a Euro 6 engine AdBlue and 204bhp.The engine same as the previous version. Most of the qualities improved in this version like fancy colours, Sound effects, and quality.

T6.1 is a facelifted transporter it comes across the dealers to 2020. it is a great and long-distance safety journey. Electric mirror present to direct the way.  The First time automatic parking feature introduced in this version. Preorders started at 2019 September onwards. Pricing starts at 21,632 dollars in the UK. Delivery starts at the 2020 March onwards. New locking system for arrival in this version Postal delivery and workshop mode locks etc.  An ultrasonic side safety system which supports to avoid the thing in the sides of Volkswagen. Most of the vehicles with (AEB) which means auto emergency braking standard.