A Bird’s Eye View of Security Analysis Summary

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Security Analysis is a book written by Benjamin Graham and David Dodd in 1934. The book provides key takeaways, reviews, top quotes of very famous authors and book summary. It explains investment basics. The book has investment principles that have helped thousands of investors who wisely followed its principles. The Security Analysis Benjamin Graham Summary Book has been said to be the bible for many investors. The books date back to history when lawmakers were still learning from the then Great depression. This book is highly suggested for people who want to or are interested to learn finance history. It is also a very great read. Security Analysis Benjamin Graham is said to be the father of modern security analysis and the founder of the value school of investing. He has co-authored a few books and is also an assistant professor at Columbia University. This book is highly recommended for reading for those who want to work on investing craft and also for students who want to learn financial history. Though many things have changed since the 1930s of its publication, the concept of investing in companies has stayed the same. The book represents both financial analysis and corporate finance. The book has put forth a lot of research into investments before getting published.


What is a Security Analysis Summary?

Security Analysis Benjamin Graham

Security analysis is a great process of deciding which securities will greatly support and suite your investments. It teaches you how to get good returns with a safe principle. One must be aware of the term ‘intrinsic value’ which is justified by facts like assets, earnings, dividends and much more. Understanding the security analysis summary helps you to narrow one’s choice of investments. One has to understand the common stocks, bonds, safe investments, investments that grow over time, earnings and fixed value securities before he/she thinks to make an investment that will give him/her a huge return. He must be aware of the questions that he must ask himself while purchasing a bond. He must be familiar with the criteria for purchasing speculative senior securities.


Impact of the book

The root value of the investment can be traced back to the book by Graham and Dodd. The influence of Graham’s book and his methodology is incomparable and appreciated by many investors for guiding them in the right path of investment. The six editions of the Security Analysis Summary book have been receiving explicit reach among its target audience. It is a bible of investment to many. The book rightly represents the genesis of corporate finance as well as financial analysis in its apt methodologies. It has got an appreciation for its enormous amount of research and rightly justifies its cost. It taught how to rightly obtain better financial results without any loss and beat as a whole. Its highly simplified approach to many criteria has brought about so much impact and value to individual securities. The Security Analysis summary is a must try the book for any investor!