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The USA is no small country by any terms. The major area of the North American continent comes under the USA territory. Hence to experience the USA, you should decide to take a road trip all through its vast land instead of flights or trains. A road trip is the ideal way to enjoy the urban flavor of the big corporate cities in the USA, and enjoy the less-beaten path of those countrysides with their astonishing natural settings. Motel 6 , is one of the most famous motel chains in North America, where you can have sound sleep to re-energize yourself – more on that later.

Motel 6

Now, if you decided to go for that exciting road trip across the USA, you need to do your planning ahead. The most important thing to keep in mind is the expenses. A good road trip is enjoyable only when you don’t have to do calculations always in your mind, therefore do finish all your monetary calculation before you hit the pedal. If you don’t own a car in the USA, you will have to rent one. Don’t go for that fancy sedan or cute hatchback; you’re going to a very long road trip, so you’ll need a reliable working-class car. The best choice would be an SUV or a pickup. Then you should work on other inevitable expenses, like gas, food and night shelter. A cheap motel room would be your best bet no matter which highway you’re going along. There are other options too, but nothing can beat the “affordable comfort” a motel offers.

Though motels are cheaper, some traveler with a slim wallet can still ask why he should choose a motel when he has options like camping and staying in the car, and those are absolutely free of cost. I agree this is a valid question and need to be answered. If you’re considering camping or sleeping in your car, I assume you really don’t have much cash with you – in that case; you should not opt for a country-wide road trip in the first place. Because if you’re really low in your budget and can’t even afford a cheap motel room, how would you be able to encounter various other unexpected expenses? Or if money isn’t an issue, but you’re the adventurous kind and want to camp or sleep in a car just for that feeling – this is not a smart decision at all I must say. Doing that once in a while during your trip may be fine, but camping every night is a strict no-no, as it can be dangerous in any part of the country.

Why Motel 6 should be your choice when you have other options

There are numerous motels everywhere in the USA; some of these are independent motels, some are part of certain Motel chains. Motel 6 is one of such popular motel chains. They have motel rooms in almost every states of the USA, so chances are you’ll always find a Motel 6 room nearby no matter where you are. They are pretty cheap compared with other similar category motels, but they don’t lack in comfort and functionality. Yes, you don’t get a free breakfast (you get a free cup of coffee though) and internet in your room, but their rooms are equipped with comfortable bed and a shower – just what you need without spending much.