What materials are carpets made from?

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Many factors influence the choice of material. So make it clear where the rug will perform and what you expect from it. With the cheap rugs you can have the best deals now. On the base layer of rubber, latex or felt you will encounter the following types of materials:

Polyamide – PA (nylon)

The most commonly used fiber

Flexible and durable

cheap rugs

Resists dirt, good thermal insulation and acoustic properties

Fits most residential and commercial spaces

Polypropylene (PP)

  • The lowest price
  • Low dirt resistance
  • Not suitable for high-load areas at all

Polyester (PES)

  • Unlimited color options
  • Stain resistant
  • High color material with high brightness
  • It is suitable for home and low-stress commercial premises


  • Isolates and attenuates noise
  • Color fast and durable
  • It is not so resistant to dirt
  • Natural material means higher price

What are the characteristics and durability of carpets?

When selecting a new carpet, pay attention to the information pictograms. For example, you can find out which fire class the carpet is suitable for, whether it is suitable for under floor heating or whether it has a certified slip resistance. The load classes are also very important, so you can tell where the carpet fits best.

What do you need to lay a carpet?

Buy accessories for carpet lying depending on how you plan to lay the carpet. If you don’t know what to do, check out our video tutorial How to lay a carpet from the project workshop. For loose installation, you can use a break-off knife, cardboard even double-sided and moldings. When fixing the carpet then fixation glue or foam roller. For full-area gluing, do not forget to buy a notched trowel, sharp knife and carpet tensioner.

In what variants are carpets made?

In our assortment you can find not only many footage carpets, but also many other types of carpet floors of various materials, colors and designs:

  • Piece rugs to fine tune the overall look of the room and place it on other types of flooring e.g. high pile rugs, classic rugs, chenille rugs, children’s rugs, natural and leather rugs, oriental rugs
  • Carpet tiles that are easy to install and easily replaced in the event of damage
  • Treads long roll-up carpets can be used, for example, in corridors or stairs

How to care for carpets?

If you have a carpet on the floor, do not avoid regular vacuuming and cleaning. Cleaning zones e.g. doormats prevent dirt from clogging. For cleaning large areas halls, commercial premises expert recommend using machine cleaning or steam cleaning with special machines based on wet vacuuming.

Wet cleaning Wet

Cleaning is possible on a carpet that is not laid on a moisture-sensitive floor and is not glued to it with a water-soluble adhesive. For example, water with wool cleaner or special carpet floor cleaner is used.


Cleaning Powder cleaning is used when wet cleaning is not possible. Put a special powder on the carpet, which you massage into the carpet and vacuum after a few minutes. This is the most common way of cleaning piece carpets or natural fibers.