What Kind of SEO for Adwords You Can Do Now

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Would you like to check if the actions taken by the SEO agency are effective? Be sure to read the list of tools we recommend! In the article, you will find hints on how to use them and what to look for in order to make a correct through basic analysis of the effectiveness of positioners. Of all the tools available on the market, we chose the free ones and those that should not be difficult to use, even for those who do not have specialist knowledge in search engine marketing. You can make use of the AdWords reporting tool and come up with the solutions there.

In the case of cooperation with an agency dealing with optimization and positioning, the basic criterion is the transparency of activities even if the effects of SEO activities do not fully meet our expectations, it is important that we regularly receive clear and legible reports showing what has been done, as well as signals that need improvement on our side. In the case of positioning, each page must be considered separately, its history, link profile, structure, speed and many other factors to which the SEO strategy should be adjusted. The first step that will allow us to verify the agency’s activities is to analyze reports and guidelines. In addition, it is also worth checking the effects of work in the appropriate tools, which we present below.

Website traffic: Google Analytics

AdWords reporting tool

Google Analytics is a must-have for every e-marketer. It is an online tool for analyzing website statistics, made available by Google. When it comes to costs, as a rule, small and medium e-commerce is free with its free version.

What can we measure in Google Analytics? In fact, almost everything that imagination allows us, including quantity and quality of generated traffic. This tool can also show us although to a limited extent which phrases generate the most traffic to the website and which subpages are most frequently visited.

The goal of the vast majority of SEO campaigns is to generate as many leads as possible from natural Google results. That is why Google Analytics is a basic tool that will allow you to verify the progress of the positioning company. However, you must remember to analyze the reports “head-on”, ie when the number of entries decreases, the possibility of such factors as seasonality of the industry, market trends or other factors e.g. server failure should be taken into account.

  • Google Analytics is a powerful and extensive marketing tool, so with a basic knowledge of this tool, we recommend you focus on the following indicators:
  • The number of sessions from organic results, it is best to compare current data with the same period last year,
  • Key phrases for several years Google has been hiding an increasing number of keywords through which Internet users came to our site under a common set of “Not provided”. However, some of the keywords are still visible and we can check what phrases Internet users entered on Google before they got to our site.

In Google Analytics, we can check whether the keywords responsible for traffic on our website are exclusively related to our brand store or website name, a company brand or whether they are general keywords or product or service names often these are the type’s phrases have the greatest sales potential). Due to the fact that a large part of keywords in GA are hidden, it is also worth checking statistics including entry pages. Thanks to this we will check which subpages generate the most traffic to our website.