The Sports and Physical Education: Going Side by Side

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Thanks to physical education and then to the sport, every child can experience his first motor experiences and, in addition to muscles, develop the skills that will allow him to move correctly in relation to the space that surrounds him.

Thanks to sports that require a certain degree of efforts, such as swimming and football, he will learn to develop strength, speed, and endurance, while disciplines such as artistic gymnastics and athletics will help him improve and train his sense of orientation and of balance, as well as its coordination and precision. For 먹튀신고 this is important.

Why play sports from an early age: psychological benefits


Some parents prefer not to let their children play sports, for fear that this extra effort will distract them and above all lead those to spend less time at school and studying. In making this decision, every parent should put on the scales an important factor, namely that sport, in addition to favoring physical development and improving coordination and conditional skills can also be good training for the mind for children.

At the celebratory and emotional level, sport can be a first training ground of life, which will allow your children to learn and understand the functioning of their body, its reactions, its limits, its potential, acquiring greater knowledge and awareness of self, and pushing them, over the course of their growth, to cultivate the desire to test themselves and to test the new skills acquired.

At the same time, it will be the first chance for them to a confrontation with others and socializing , which will allow them to meet new people, be they children, or their teammates or their adversaries, whether adults, instructors, coaches, and other parents .

This encounter with the other, in a safe and protected environment such as the sporting one, will surely enrich their emotional and emotional baggage, confronting them for the first time with an environment different from the domestic environment to which they are accustomed, and encouraging them to know the others and to experiment with other people than their family members.

Sport can also be seen as a mediated representation of their future social life, which will teach them the importance of respecting the rules , not only to achieve victory but also to ensure the balance and harmony of the whole system, but also of others, of their possibilities and abilities and of their role within the team and the group to which they belong.

Through the first sports and social experiences, thanks to your example, that of the coaches and that of the companions, your children will begin to develop their own personality, starting to outline the type of adult they will become in the future.

Rebellious children VS timid children

Still, with regard to the emotional and character-related sphere of your children, sport can be the right choice for both children at school and at home who show an extroverted character and rebellious and aggressive behavior, both for those with a more introverted soul, who they communicate with others in a timid and submissive manner.