The Right Medication For the Right Occassion

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The specialist said that it is possible to optimize such costs, but the primary goal for each person should be to maintain health, not money. The experts recommended starting with compiling a list of all the medicines that the attending physician will advise you to buy percocet online .

The Drugs for You

You should not buy drugs, blindly guided by the calls for obtrusive advertising in the media. According to the expert, about 95 per cent of such pills and medicines will be simply useless. Moreover, Alexander the experts are sure that drug advertising should be completely banned. Promotional goods also need to be taken carefully: not every such tool will be useful, but you need to have a basic first-aid kit at home.

The Specialist’s Warning

The specialist warns that there is no need to blindly trust the insistent advice of pharmacists, as they can sometimes pursue their interests in pursuit of revenue. Cheap analogues of drugs should be selected with the same active substance, and carefully read the composition before buying.

Earlier, The expert wrote that residents of Russia are increasingly using the services of online pharmacies.

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The question is whether it is possible to save on medicines and how to do it, everyone asks who has to spend a significant part of the income in pharmacies. According to the Ministry of Health, Ukrainians spend more on medicines than the state on health care in general – more than 60 billion dollars per year. On average, each household monthly increases the income of pharmaceutical enterprises by 570 dollars. Forecasts of rising drug prices are not at all optimistic: according to sociologists, it can make up from 5 to 11% per year.

The Accordance

According to the Ministry of Health, consumers give preference to expensive, widely publicized imported drugs. For example, Nurofen, one of the three best-selling drugs in 2017. The sales of the medicine for this period amounted to 331.3 million dollars. Its analogue is Ibuprofen, which costs 4-5 times cheaper, but acts no worse, which is confirmed by the doctors themselves. Conclusion: it is advisable to make a purchase not on the basis of commercials, but based on the opinion of the attending specialist.

However, with a trip to the doctor, most patients are in no hurry. About 90% of all drugs are bought without a prescription, and this is evidence that Ukrainians most often make their own diagnoses. Such a practice can lead to the disease becoming chronic, and valuable time will be wasted. In order to prevent this, you need to undergo a medical examination in a timely manner, paying special attention to laboratory examinations. It is advisable to take basic tests on your own once a year and get advice from specialists, especially with manifestations of the disease.

Analogues of drugs

At the doctor’s appointment, remember that he must prescribe at least five drugs. Feel free to ask in detail to tell what effect each of them has. Find out which of the drugs indicated in the recipe can be replaced with cheaper analogues, for example, domestic production, or generics. The debate about the effectiveness of the latter does not subside: many believe that it is impossible to recreate a copy of the drug-using other raw materials and equipment. Their opponents argue that generics are no worse than the original, since the active ingredient is one, and the prices of the originals of the drugs are often unreasonably high.