The Perfect Choices for bathroom Renovation

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Do you want to renovate your bathroom inexpensively? The budget for renovating this room can sometimes exceed several thousand dollars if you are not careful. Be aware that you can use several basic tips to easily save money on renovating your bathroom. It is often enough to invest in the right places. Here are tips for a cheap rénovation salle de bain .

rénovation salle de bain

Do not touch the plumbing

The bill for your bathroom renovations could skyrocket if you touch the plumbing. Professionals to hire, new materials to buy, problems that arise after too much manipulation avoiding it is the best gift you can give your wallet.

Paint the vanity of your bathroom

Rather than changing your vanity, let your desires of color take over. Vanity is often made of wood or melamine: two simple surfaces to paint. It is enough to clean the vanity well, and then apply the first coat of primer. And hop for a refurbishment in your renovated bathroom.

Maximize storage

Don’t be afraid to add shelves, bins, shelves and other solutions to your bathroom for optimized storage. Cleaning a room gives it a second life easily, in addition to reducing your weekly cleaning days. By the way, remember to clean up all the expired products that accumulate. It never makes a mistake.

Large and neutral tiles

If you plan to change the floor in the renovation of your bathroom, beware of tiles that are too small or of unconventional shapes. The more complex the tiles will be to install, the more the costs will increase. In addition, select tiles of neutral shades, without garish patterns. You can easily change the decoration of your bathroom when you feel like it.

Buy a new faucet

No, we don’t play with the bathroom plumbing here. A new faucet can instantly give a nice touch to your bathroom without spending too much. Think of a tap that stands out for its shape, color or format. It is fast and inexpensive renovations.

Choose an accent color

Rather than repainting the entire room, why not choose an accent color that will add punch, without exhausting your entire budget? The light colors help to brighten the room, while the dark colors will give character to your renovated bathroom. The renovation of your bathroom is sometimes necessary: ​​share in the comments your ways to save on work.

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Trendy washbasin for the vintage bathroom

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Trendy bath for freestanding bathroom

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Trendy accessory for the bathroom

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