The electricity that acts as the food for cars

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As human intake food for their survival, cars take electricity for their survival.  It has happened in the modern world that people are changed their vehicles as per the contemporary trend.  Most of the people liked to buy a new electric car, but many of the people did not want to buy.  Although many pros and corns take place while we have planned to buy a new electric car, we have to analyses many things for the welfare of ourselves.  The first question in people’s minds is how much does it cost to charge an electric car overnight ?  The answer is simply that in India if we demand our car overnight, it will cost around two hundred rupees for the full charge.  And the next question that arose in people mind is, what was the things that we have to buy for the safety measures, the answer for that is we have to buy a good quality cable for our car because each car has their unique battery and port according to the model. Each model consists of different kinds of batteries, so all the electric charge stations did not have the same socket or port for the charging purpose they have the available port and socket for charging.

how much does it cost to charge an electric car overnight

Cost and types

The cost of this type of chargeable device is low as compared to petrol and diesel.  But the life of gasoline and diesel is high as compared to the chargeable device.  If we charged the car overnight, it would cost around two hundred rupees approximate in India the life for that charge is a maximum of six to twelve hours.  The charging system consists of an hour’s time, not in the liters that we calculate through our petrol or diesel.  We have to analyses the safety measure, although we are charging through the domestic wall. Still, if the car or any of the vehicle is setting we are not permitted to sit inside the car near the vehicle we have to maintain some distance while charging because the electrical socket many supplies a high voltage of current sometimes and it may lead to the burst of the car.  We have to use the correct sockets, and it is very worth able for the price also because sometimes it has the vast problem of socket also.  In some of the places, they are already having the safety measures that if the car has got the oversupply of the current they will set up some of the indicators that will blink red light when the battery got oversupplied by the current.  They are many types of the chargeable kind the first thing is the domestic socket the socket has connected through the primary wall, and the current flow will be very familiar. The second one is the domestic socket and cable with a protection device.  The third one is the specific socket on a dedicated circuit, and the fourth one is the direct current that is nothing but the fast charging capacity.  These are the types of charging a vehicle all the four types of charging devices has very safely manufactured, and they check the current flowing time and wavelength every time before the car gets started its charging.