No Limit in Choice of the Leather Bucket Bag

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A real fashion accessory, or an essential tote, your handbag never leaves you. The bag is always very trendy, men also wear it and carry it over the shoulder. The choice of your bag is very important: tote bags, satchels, mini bags, clutch bags, the choice is wide. Match your leather bucket bag to your look, your mood and your outings. This year: satchel and vintage bags are in the headlines.

Tips for choosing a bag: the messenger bag

The messenger bag alone embodies a true accomplice of all women. The proof: he is on all shoulders. It’s the benchmark it-bag. It is practical and always in view. At his side, you adopt a chic and relaxed look that is foolproof.

  • Stars and fashion icons have made them their darling and prefer these enormous bags to micro size bags. The creators decided to update a style that made a splash in the 20th century. The messenger bag is available in different shapes, sizes and colors. Choose it rather neutral, and avoid white if your intention is to carry it everywhere.
  • If you are an active and overbooked woman: the messenger bag is made for you. To choose the bag that is right for you, you need to be inspired by your own style.

You have a rather chic look: let yourself be tempted by a pretty leather or suede messenger bag in white or cream beige tones.

leather bucket bag

You are rather retro: you can dare the more flashy colors: fuchsia or electric blue and especially the size XXL. This format is very trendy and will seduce you with its practical and original aspects.

You have a vintage look: fall for a colorful printed messenger bag, or opt for the adventurer’s messenger bag, in leather, of course.

It is plus: choosing a messenger bag is choosing the timeless. It remains one of the favorite bags for women for its practicality.

Tips for choosing a bag: the shopping bag

A really good, but what is it practical. Still, in the it-bag department which is all the rage, fall for the shopping bag. You really store everything and anything, your laptop, your big makeup bag, your big agenda: it will especially appeal to women who like to keep everything available. And then Monsieur too is very happy to store his small things there.

Take it with big pockets for even more space. Out the old shopping bag informs, today, we accessorize its outings to go shopping or to picnic with its fashion version shopping bag. Ideal for going to work, he also knows how to be elegant and versatile. To offer urgently to students who are tired of the endless backpacks.


To get the desired effect: choose it in neutral or downright bright colors, preferably varnish (it’s rather in) and of any size. You must wear it new, impeccable, without addicts or customizations.

  • If you like to be on top of the trend, choosing the tote bag is to be at the very top of the fashion sphere:
  • You are more rock’s roll attitude: take it in real brown or black leather, and studded to give a touch of originality to your look
  • You have a chic and casual look at the same time: choose a patent tote, take it zipped for practicality.