How to Choose Your Led Purge Mask

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Some of you do not have time to look for a costume or just do not like to wear a real Halloween costume, so experts bring your ideas of dresses and accessories to wear on Halloween without going completely disguised. Also from halloweenmaskrt you can also have the best LED Purge Mask.

We all already know that Halloween is a typically American holiday, but every year more and more people who enjoy this day, or rather, a terrifying night where lovers of zombies and vampires have their time to wear their costumes and to fill the houses and gardens with pumpkins and skeletons. But what if you don’t feel like wearing a walking dead costume? Well, you can enjoy the party the same. Here are some ideas on how to dress on Halloween without having to buy a costume.

If you have not had time to buy a costume, or do not like to wear them, a great idea is to dress in a normal way, but make a terrifying makeup on your face to be the center of all eyes. Here are some tips for you:

If you do not want to spend hours preparing the perfect makeup, or do not want to wear a painted face, you can take ideas of clothing sets with accessories that will give a different touch to your look to enjoy Halloween night without Go excessively flashy.


Dark colors and lace, sure bet.

What better occasion to wear a total black look than on Halloween? In it we love to wear black, but this occasion is perfect to wear a black dress. We like for Halloween those that are short, square or geometric, that you can combine with black heeled shoes.

For example, this retro style dress, completely black, accompanied by a hat and a complement, such as a black lace bag, a look with which you can become a diva of the 50s.

Black handbag with lace and chain

In this case, red is a safe bet for Halloween night, since it represents the color of blood, and that is very typical of the night of the dead. This dress will also serve to put it on more occasions so you will not have to keep it in a drawer forever. The lace on the sleeves we love.

Spider necklace and earrings

To give a more dark touch to the look but without exaggeration, you can wear this necklace and chandelier earrings, to match the dress, the lips in red, and perfect.

Rough look for Halloween

If you are one of those who like to go with a sexy touch and more cane, this style is designed for you. A black leather skirt that you will also wear a thousand times more, combined with a black shirt with a message and a vampire mouth that will attract all eyes. Terrifyingly divine.

Accessories and accessories of fear

In addition to clothing, another great idea is to accompany your outfit with decorative Halloween-style accessories. For example, high striped socks with skulls, to wear with black shorts and sports shoes, or some baskets for the famous trick or treat that children like so much, very scary nail stickers, or even, Do you dare with very spooky white contact lenses? The ideas are endless. You just have to decide which one you stay with.